AASS consists of Arthur Adam and Stefan Schneider. Together they make experimental, intense and largely improvised music, which sounds like a crossing between postrock, (free) jazz and weird pop, or between Efterklang, Bon Iver and Motorpsycho, and at times between Radiohead and Pink Floyd.

Arthur Adam (Enschede, NL- vocals, guitar, bass, keys) has been a singer-songwriter extraordinaire for more than a decade, with a vast vocal range, heavy intensity, philosophical lyrics and a love for experiment, jazz and playing a lot of instruments. He has released 5 well received solo albums so far. His nicknames are "the best kept music secret in the Netherlands" and "the Dutch Jeff Buckley".

Stefan Schneider (Münster, D - drums, samples, synths) is originally a jazz drummer, with a fresh modern sound and a taste for much more than jazz. He graduated from the conservatory in Enschede, where he met Arthur, and played with many big names in and around the jazz world. His nickname is "the monster from Münster", but he is a master of subtlety.

In 2016, after a handful of performances and rehearsals, AASS decided to record their first EP, in the Big Dog Recordings studio of Tim van Doorn in Antwerp. That worked out a little too well. In one intense weekend AASS recorded more than an hour of useful material. Live, without overdubs. Heavy music, according to the jazz method: 1 or 2 themes, a fixed text, a few cues and a lot of improvisation, trying to capture the moment together. The best tracks are now bundled on their debut album: A Soundtrack for New Memories, which was released in January 2018, on the DIY label BandBus Records.

Whereas this material could be labelled as radiheadish post-rock, the new material is more poppy, but still weird and heavy.
AASS are on a continuous  mission to reinvent themselves.

"Listening to AASS is like stepping into a wild river. It will submerge you and take you to places you didn’t know existed."

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"Soundtrack for New Memories" - AASS

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16.12.2018 Hengelo Oude Watertoren 20:00 Uhr
24.11.2018 Münster TBA 20:00 Uhr
10.11.2018 Almelo Paco Plumtrek 20:00 Uhr
09.09.2018 Hengelo Oude Watertoren 14:00 Uhr
21.03.2018 Paderborn Sputnik Café 20:00 Uhr
15.03.2018 Enschede Concodia Theater 20:00 Uhr
19.01.2018 Münster Exkaffee 20:00 Uhr
12.01.2018 Enschede Atak 20:00 Uhr
10.12.2017 Enschede Muziek bij de buren 20:00 Uhr
21.09.2017 Münster Freihaus MS 20:00 Uhr